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Here are some useful apps and shiny objects that I’ve featured on Beyond Social Media Show, the weekly 1/2 hour Google+ Hangout on Air that I co-host with Dave Erickson and Albert Maruggi.

Type&walkAppType n Walk displays a transparent view on your phone’s screen of what’s directly in front of you.

Combined with your peripheral vision, it’ll hopefully help you avoid falling into a cellar or walking face-first into a tree or a cellar.

Type n Walk also is useful while you’re sitting or standing and you want to keep an eye on your surroundings while you type.

Back in touch AppBack in Touch for iPhone has one simple goal: to remind you to keep in touch with friends, relatives or acquaintances who might otherwise be forgotten, lost or left out in the ever-growing list that is your phone book. The app lets you set reminders to call, text or email at set intervals.

Back in Touch also introduces a gamification element that actively challenges you to stay in touch with people rather than simply reminding you. For example, contact 5 friends in 5 days.

<strong>iPhone bottlecap case</strong>” width=”150″ height=”150″ class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-4158″ /></a></a><a href=Opena iPhone case with bottle opener – Guaranteed to be a hit at parties. $19.95

Video app JumpCam lets other people contribute to your videos. Lots of people!

The iOS app lets up to 29 ten-second clips from friends be added to a single video; you can set videos to be private or be shared on social media. Available for android devices next month.