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By B.L. Ochman

You can buy a very decent printer/scanner for home office use from Canon for under $150. In fact, my Canon PIXMA MG 5220 was $85 on sale. Great price for a little workhorse of a printer.
All’s well, until you run out of ink. That’s when you learn that replacing the ink costs half as much as buying a new printer.

“It may sound crazy, but buying the replacement ink you need can cost you almost as much — if not more — than a whole new printer.”, says P.C. World.

Probably stupidly, I just spent $60 at Staples in the painful process of buying replacement ink for my cheap Canon printer.

Buy ink, or just buy a new printer?
A lot of people just throw away the printer and buy a new one, creating tons of electronic waste every year. Canon, of course, is not the only culprit. Epson, HP and all the other printer manufacturers do exactly the same thing.

The printers are so cheap because they are created to sell ink cartridges. That’s bad for the planet, and anything that’s bad for the environment, long-term, is bad for the economy too.

Since government clearly isn’t going to regulate this wasteful practice, it’s time for a big chain like Best Buy, Staples, OfficeMax, or Costco take a stand against the high cost of replacing the ink in cheap printers. Refuse to sell the cheap printers and expensive ink! Find a better alternative and pressure manufacturers into producing it!

Do any of you have the guts to take a stand for the planet?