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The other day, I posted a few of the top tools I use to keep up with the massive flow of information I follow for this blog and my work in general. Then I asked a bunch of top bloggers to share their tools with me. What we have in common: we all use Technorati, Google Alerts, and Firefox. And all of us read online newsletters and follow forums and lists on topics of interest. There also are a number interesting tools that are new to me and maybe also to you. I’ll run these posts over the next week or so, and welcome your additions.
doc_pic.jpgDoc Searls, co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto and Sr. Editor, Linux Journal:

#1: I subscribe to keyword searches at Technorati and through an aggregator that also sees searches from PubSub, Google Blogsearch, Blogpulse and IceRocket. Mostly because I follow subjects more than people.
#2: I don’t subscribe to specific blogs. Sometimes I’ll look at my blogroll (which is full of errors and rot, hate to say). Sometimes I look at my “favorites” at Technorati, but not much.
#3: Email. People send me stuff.
#4: Newspapers and magazines. Lots of offline goodies there, requiring work to find online.
Besides that, I just surf around, basically.

Steve Hall, publisher of adrants

My list is very similar to yours:
But, oddly, I also get a lot of my info from reader tips and press releases. I subscribe to industry email newsletters too, and participate in the Adrants forum.

small-shel.gifShel Horowitz , publisher of Principled Profit blog and creator of the Business Ethics pledge (which we’ve taken):

158 RSS feeds! My god!
I closely monitor several Internet discussion lists, read dozens of e-newsletters, have lots of friends who send me interesting clips, and occasionally open my Google News feeds and follow the links. But I’m not doing well at keeping up and often trash much e-mail unread.

More to come… some as guest posts. Watch for them.
Please share your tools with us.