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I’ve been wanting to compare the Nikon D80 I am testing as part of the Nikon Blogger Outreach Program to my trusty Canon A85, which I love because it is small, portable and can make some very nice photographs and videos under the right circumstances. I ran both cameras on automatic for this test.
The Nikon is big, heavy, and bogged down with fancy features. But it sure can make some beautiful, rich, clear photographs. There’s a trade off, and it’s very nice to have both.benny_sophie.jpg
I took this photo of Benny Bix and his buddy Sophie this morning in Central Park with the Nikon D80. Because the camera has a built in motor-drive, I can get clear shots of my hyper puppy in motion.

I took this shot in the Ramble in Central Park with my Canon A-85. It’s shutter speed is annoyingly slow, resulting in blurry photos like this when your subject is moving. Either that happens or you can’t get the nice blur when you want it.

Here’s another shot with the Nikon D80, with both Benny and his best pal Billy moving fast. I like that you can get the sense of movement and a bit of blur, even with the camera on automatic.

This is a very decent shot I took with my Canon. It’s light, it’s portable, and it’s simple to use. I think I will always want a small camera to run around with because you do get nice shots. But I’d like to upgrade to a faster small camera.