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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Google to reward users of Google+ Hangouts & YouTube Live Events with more prominent search placement

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For those who want to believe (hello TechCrunch) that Google+ is going away: think again! Here’s a very clear indication that Google+ is continuing to gain traction in the Google ecosystem.

Google+ is continuing to add features and Google search will soon reward users of Hangouts and YouTube Live Events with more prominent search placement.

The latest: a new feature is rolling out that rewards those who master the use of Google+ Hangouts on Air and live event planning via a connected YouTube channel with higher search results. That means that the planet’s two largest search engines, Google and YouTube, will highlight content created in Google+.

Google is creating searchable listing guides for Google+ Hangouts and YouTube Live Events and connecting them with Google search.

Google+ and YouTube live events will be featured prominently in search results, which will include a “Watch event live” button that takes you directly to the event. For example: as Google noted in their official announcement, “if an author is answering questions about their latest book in a Hangout on Air, you can search the author’s name to find and watch the event.”

Hangout Search Results

That prominent search placement won’t be a paid feature. It’ll be a semantic search result, generated from Google+ Hangouts connected to YouTube Channels. It’ll show up in search results approximately three hours before a scheduled live event. Before then, the events will be listed on both Google+ and YouTube’s new directories.

There’ll be two directories that will be featured in Google search results:
1- Hangouts on Air schedule/directory for Google+ members who want to watch on Google+ event pages or on YouTube.

If you have a gmail account you can participate live in a Hangout during the event via the Event Page by either joining the Hangout as an invited guest, or by asking questions in real time via Comment Tracker while the event is live.

You also can watch a Hangout on YouTube from your desktop or any mobile device without having a gmail account or Google+ profile.

HOA Listings1

2. A YouTube live-streamed event directory with listings in categories for upcoming live-streamed events in Sports, News, Politics, Music, etc. as well as for Hangouts on Air.
* It shows events that are currently live and ones that are scheduled. You can set a reminder for the upcoming Hangouts and you’ll get an email reminder as well as a notification in your Google+ account.

HOA Listings on YouTube

Here’s how this works with The Beyond Social Media Show that I co-host every Saturday at 12:30 pm EDT on Google+.

* We set up an event page in Google+ several days before the show.
* We include a description and a preview video, which is created in and linked to our YouTube channel.
* We send out invitations to the Circles of people who follow us and they respond Yes, No or Maybe to the invitation. If they say Yes or Maybe, our Show is automatically added to their Google calendar. They will be reminded about the event via email, Google+ notifications and their Calendar.
* At the time of the event, they can watch live on the event page or on our YouTube channel.
* The video that is part of the event is listed on our YouTube channel as a scheduled event and viewers have the option of setting a reminder that will notify them of the event as described above.

When I set up the Google+ event page for the weekly Hangout on Air broadcast of The Beyond Social Media Show, I include search tags and search optimized content and title, all of which are featured our YouTube channel.

People who say “yes” or “maybe” to our show invites are reminded to watch, and can see it within Google+ or on YouTube.

Event Page

Please also note: very soon, no plugin will be required to use Hangouts or Hangouts on Air with Chrome. Google said that “beginning in the next couple of weeks, you will be able to launch Hangouts in Chrome without having to download and install a plugin. Just click to start the Hangout, allow Hangouts to use your camera and microphone, and you’ll be good to go!”
* You will still need a Google+ Profile to set up live events that include Hangouts that can be watched within G+ event pages or communities.

Is there a learning curve? You bet! And if you’re ready to learn, I can teach you how. You can reach me at 917-566-5855 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

is CEO of Maximum-Plus.com, where she produces online events via Google+ and YouTube. You’ll also find her online at:
- Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and The Beyond Social Media Show

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[VIDEO] Comcast’s terrible customer service goes viral (again)

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Comcast Bad Service

On episode 56 of The Beyond Social Media Show, we discussed the worst social media case of the week: Comcast’s customer service. It’s so awful that it’s gone viral – again!

This week, a hapless Comcast rep spent 12 minutes refusing to cancel a customer’s service. The customer recorded the call and, since then, more than 4 million people have listened to the tape.

The rep’s performance topped even the infamous 2006 viral incident when a Comcast rep fell asleep on customer’s couch while waiting on hold to talk to his own company.

Comcast is only #6 on the most hated customer service list. That means there are 5 others hated even more – with Time-Warner Cable at the top of the list (no suprise there)

Could Comcast, or any big company do better? Is it possible to provide great customer service on a huge scale? Ask Zappos, or LL Bean.

B.L. OCHMAN is CEO of Maximum-Plus.com, where she produces online events via Google+ and YouTube. You’ll also find her online at:
- Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and The Beyond Social Media Show

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LEGO BrandJacked, HobbyLobby NewsJacked, Selfies Toasted [Video]

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Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 56

Worst Digital Cases

Episode 56

Best Digital Cases

Shiny New Stuff

Read More…

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[VIDEO] YouTube’s Richest Stars (Their earnings will blow your mind)

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You’ll be astounded when you learn how much YouTube’s richest stars are earning – even after YouTube’s 45% cut.
And some of them are under 10 years old. The foul-mouthed #1 star is PewDiePie, aka Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg, who is a video game commentator. His channel, which has nearly 24 million subscribers, has had nearly 4 billion (yes, billion!) views. His earnings? They’ll blow your mind.

David Erickson & I discussed the stars and the numbers on episode 55 of The Beyond Social Media Show.

Watch Beyond Social Media Show on Saturdays at 12:30 PM EDT, live on Google+ or YouTube. Episode 57 airs this Saturday, July 26. Watch on Google+ or YouTube.

More information at Beyond Social Media Show blog and on our Beyond Social Media Show page on Google+

B.L. OCHMAN is CEO of Maximum-Plus.com, where she produces online events via Google+ and YouTube. You’ll also find her online at:
- Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and The Beyond Social Media Show

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[VIDEO] Worst Brand Tweets of 2014 (so far)

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Worst Brand Tweets Video

Funnily enough, both of these Tweets about LeBron James’ return to Cleveland are from toilet paper brands.

Cottonelle Tweet

Cottonelle Tweet

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Scatalogical Tweets offend; P&G, LeBron & YouTube Stars Score

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    Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 55


    Worst Digital Cases

  • Inexcuseable! Amazon & Sears offer Nazi memorabilia poster of death camp as home decor
    Photo in the poster is the entrance to Dachau Concentration Camp! And related items on Sears web page included ovens. Both brands blame a 3rd party advertiser.
  • NYC Newspaper calls Obama N-word in headline – and proud of it. Blecch!
  • She’s Not Worth It! L’OREAL Drops World Cup Model/ Hunter / Lion Killer
  • Extreme Selfies illustrate dangers of narcissism
  • Cottonelle & Charmin offend with scatalogical LeBron James Tweets
  • (So hard not to include potty puns with this one, but we’re restraining the urge.)
    Cottonelle Tweet

    Best Digital Cases

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    Gawker’s mean, GM app is dangerous, Pantene’s ad is great [VIDEO]

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    Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 54

    WOW! Beyond Social Media Show’s YouTube Channel has been named a top 25 social media channel by UpCity. We are proud to be in such great company!

    Worst Digital Cases

    Guest Interview

    BS Media YT Logo

    Best Digital Cases


    Read More…

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    Google will pay for women & minorities to learn coding

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    Google is putting its money where its hiring practices aren’t. Women make up just 17 percent of the Web giant’s tech workforce and are outnumbered in leadership positions nearly 4 to 1.

    But thank you Google, this is a great way to not be evil! I’ve applied :)

    Code SchoolAt the Google I/O Conference, GoogleX vice-president Meghan Smith announced that its Techmakers Program is teaming up with CodeSchool to away thousands of accounts for women and minorities to attend three free months of self-learning Code School.

    One thousand people will receive free accounts directly, while the unnumbered remainder, estimated to be in the thousands, will be given by referral. Apply here

    Code School’s CEO Gregg Pollack said in a blog post:

    “We should note: this isn’t exactly a free for all; Google is distributing promo codes strategically at the conference and inside the community. But what this does mean is thousands of people interested in continuing their path with programming will have the ability to do so free of charge.”

    HT to Karma Martell

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    Netflix rocks branded content, Agencies resist G+, Starbucks pays tuition [VIDEO]

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    Beyond Social Media Show Episode 53

    Beyond Social Media Show co-hosts B.L. Ochman & David Erickson and our special guest Chef Dennis Littley discussed agency resistance to Google+, Netflix branded content, Twitter’s social media guru epidemic, Chef Littley’s upcoming Google+ Virtual Bloggers Conference and lots more on episode 53.

    The video is time-stamped so you can jump directly to any segment by clicking on the time in brackets. The playlist, with links to topics we discussed, is below.

    Worst Digital Cases


    Best Digital Cases


    David Erickson
    e-Strategy Blog
    e-Strategy Trends

    B.L. Ochman
    Google Plus
    Maximum-Plus Workshops for Google Plus Success
    What’s Next Blog

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    2014: Twitter bios show epic growth – to 297,897 – of self-proclaimed social media gurus

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    Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 2.21.52 PM
    As a public service, What’s Next Blog periodically reports on the number of self-appointed social media gurus, ninjas, warriors and visionaries. There has been epic growth since our last report.

    The June 2014 What’s Next Blog social media guru Twitter Bio list (researched on FollowerWonk) has grown to epic proportions. The list now tops 297,897 – up from a mere 16,000 when we first started tracking them in 2009.

    By January, 2013, the count has swelled to 181,000, causing us to note that social media experts were multiplying like rabbits.

    In 2014, we note that the numbers have begun to multiply more like roaches.

    An additional 59 people have joined the rank of “Twitter whores”, which is a more than a little scary. The ranks of social media consultants have nearly doubled.

    Twitter bios allow a mere 140 characters, plus a URL. Therefore, one must boil one’s bio down to what one thinks represents one’s most essential facts.

    While the self-appointed guru titles have dropped by half, one thing has not changed one bit: guru is still something someone else calls you.

    Clearly, we are moving toward to day when everyone on Twitter will be a social media expert. And a sad day that will be.

    Image source: CanalBlog.com

    Bonus Links:
    ** The Onion Lampoons Social Media Gurus
    ** Social Media Gurus 2062

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