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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tweets now appear in Google Search: 7 Tips for Brands

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By B.L. Ochman

Google marries Twitter

As the result of a deal announced May 19, Tweets have begun to show up prominently in Google’s mobile search results on Android and iOS. Google says that desktop integration is coming soon.

The impact on your brand’s search results could be significant. Google will take your social participation into account when determining your influence – a change not to be taken lightly.

Here are seven tips to help your brand make the most of the Twitter and Google search integration:

Note: Google search results from iOS search using Google app are interspersed throughout this post.

  • Use high-value keyword phrases and #hashtags in your Tweets.
    Google results will not show all Tweets, only those that its algorithm deems relevant to search queries.
  • Wrong: If your Tweet announcing a free webinar on video editing says “sign up for our free webinar” it would not show up in search results on the topic.

    Better: “Free webinar: learn video editing” and a photo and a link.

    Result of search on Yankees

    Result of search on Yankees

  • Don’t use Twitter as a broadcast medium
    When you use a third party app to schedule the same Tweet several times, you will decrease your chances of your Tweet showing up in search unless someone searches directly for your company name.

    In that case, people searching your name on Google will see your repetitious stream and know that you are using Twitter to broadcast, not to engage.

    I just stopped Paper.li from posting that my B.L. Ochman Daily is out, because I don’t want those daily, repetitive Tweets to dilute my search results.

  • Results of search on my name

    Results of search on my name

  • Post regularly – but quality is more important than quantity
    Haven’t posted in a long time? Your most recent Tweets – even if they’re a year or more old – will show up in Google search. Doesn’t exactly make you look like you’re on top of your game.
  • Use images with every Tweet.
    Tweets with images are prominently featured. You will need to size them to the correct dimensions for best mobile display.
  • Follow and comment on Twitter’s trending topics.
    Google’s announcement says Tweets in Google searches are “a great way to get real-time info when something is happening. And it’s another way for organizations and people on Twitter to reach a global audience at the most relevant moments.”

    That seems to indicate that when your brand Tweets something relevant to a trending topics, your Tweet has a greater chance of showing up when that topic is searched. Including an image increases the odds even more.

  • Results of a Google search on #POTUS

    Results of a Google search on #POTUS

  • Monitor your Twitter stream closely and respond quickly
    Monitor your brand for negative comments and respond quickly. If you are responsive, people seeing the search results will see that you care, you engage and you make an effort to resolve issues.
  • Think before you Tweet!
    What goes online stays online. Even if you blame it on the intern, as brands are so fond of doing, your Tweets won’t disappear – especially if they’ve been ReTweeted or Favorited a lot.

    Twitter’s blog says “Even if you delete Tweets, Google and other search engines cache search results, which means that occasionally old information is still searchable. Although Twitter changes your settings immediately and deletes Tweets immediately, these changes don’t erase old information in Google’s search index.”

    Initially, only U.S. users searching in English will see relevant Tweets in their search results within the Google app (iOS and Android) and mobile web. The desktop web version is coming shortly, and we have plans to bring this feature to more countries in the coming months.

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President Obama Joins Twitter & Racists Respond

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Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 97


Co-hosts B.L. Ochman and David Erickson discussed the reaction to POTUS joining Twitter; racist Googlebombs in Google Maps; Tweets appearing in Google search; stamping out big money in politics; a Tinder cautionary tale; Spotify diversifies; plus great new apps and important stats and much more. The video is time-stamped. Click on the time to the left of any headline and jump directly to that segment of the broadcast.

Best Digital Cases

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How NonProfits Can Get Big Results By Creatively Combining Free Google and Amazon Marketing Tools

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By B.L. Ochman

Is your nonprofit too cash-strapped to run a nationwide awareness campaign with an online contest or to create and manage a wish list with millions of products? You’re not alone. But here’s help in the form of free nonprofit marketing tools from Amazon and Google.

In the face of cacophonous competition for donor dollars, a marketing push from Amazon and Google – behemoth sites with huge resources and millions of daily visitors – can engage, entertain and generate donations.

Google and Amazon each provide free robust marketing tools for nonprofits. When you creatively combine them, you’ll be on your way to a whole new world of marketing success.

Amazon NonProfit Programs


The Amazon programs that your NPO can use and combine include:

  • Amazon’s new Giveaway Sweepstakes program, which dramatically simplifies holding contests, is their latest offering.
  • Amazon Smile Program, which allows Amazon shoppers to direct a portion of sales to a charity.
  • Amazon Wish List, which lets your charity specify the items it needs so that donors can choose to buy those and ship them to you.
  • These Amazon programs, separately or in combination, can be lucrative for charities, but the big challenge is letting people know about them. That’s where Google comes in.

    Google NonProfit Programs

    Google Ad Grants – AdWords for NonProfits empowers nonprofit organizations, through $10,000 per month of in-kind AdWords™ advertising, to promote their missions and initiatives on Google search result pages.

    There’s also The Google Grantspro program which offers an increased spend cap of $40,000 per month in free advertising, added to the standard $10,000 per month, for eligible Google Ad Grantees.

    A Closer Look

    Let’s take a closer look at how these programs work. Read More…

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#NeverSettleForVerizon & Violent Bar Coasters

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Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 96

Co-hosts David Erickson and B.L. Ochman discussed Violent Coasters in bars; “T-Mobile’s expensive mistake; Rick Santorum’s potty mouth; Drone Cameras; Facebook Instant Stories; the great BB King, and much more in episode 96 of the award-winning BEYOND SOCIAL MEDIA SHOW.


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B.L. Ochman

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Google+ Collections – a new way to curate and share content

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What you need to know

At noon on May 1, GooglePlus posted its first Tweet, after being silent for four years. Right away, it was clear that something was up! And on May 3, the new Google Collections launched – the first truly major update to GooglePlus in months.

I have been busy exploring the new Google Collections which give GooglePlus users a new way to aggregate content by theme or topic and share it publicly, privately or with specific groups or circles.

In this post, I’ll share my first impressions and initial experience of Collections, along with links to the content about Collections by some of the many smart people I follow on Google+ and beyond. I’ve also started a Collection I’ll be curating on Google+ with posts, images and videos about Collections.


Collections can include new or previously written posts, images and video, which you can pull in from YouTube. You also can pull in posts from other social networks by linking to and describing them.

Once you create your first collection, your profile will display a new tab where other people can find and follow your collections. As you write new posts, you can choose to add them to specific collections.

You can view Collections without a Google+ account, but you can’t comment or otherwise interact with them until you log in. Twitter works the same way, and you can’t post to, view or interact with Facebook without an account.

Implications of Collections for Marketing

The implications for brands are huge. On Google+, which is so far advertising-free, users can select which specific content they’ll see from a brand they follow. So if I am interested in something a brand offers now, I can follow their Collection. When my interests change, I can delete that Collection and follow another. I’m not going to be bombarded by content that is currently irrelevant to me. Then, when my interests change, I can switch to another Collection from the brand, or stop following it. That’s new in social media.

Take a company like Ikea, for example. Their stores carry just about anything you might want to put in your home or office. But let’s say I’m re-doing my kitchen and all I want to know about it what Ikea offers for kitchens. If they curate a Collection including everything in the store relating to kitchens – from cabinets and sinks to oven mitts and soap holders – I can follow that collection while I am re-modeling.

For consultants, artists, writers and so on: say you are an expert in digital image creation, but you also love to cook and you are nuts about cats. If I only want to follow your posts about digital image creation, Collections just gave me a way to do that.

It’s all about the data

I won’t have the annoying stream of ads that follows me around on Facebook for six months after I look at or buy something. But Google will know what I’m interested in and can serve me ads when I use Google search or YouTube. After all, Google’s business is data to fuel and target advertising. You didn’t think all this goodness would come without a price, did you?

But I don’t care, and I don’t think the millions of us who use Google+ every day (yes Virginia, there actually are millions of us active users) will care either – as long as Google keeps giving us the great features that make Google+ the biggest change in online communications since the interactive website.

GooglePlus is not dead (or dying)

Beatles-Lonely-Hearts-Club-BandThe addition of Collections makes one thing very clear: GooglePlus is not dead, dying or sick. As any of you who follow me online know, I’m an early adopter, an enthusiastic supporter and a power user of Hangouts on Air and Google+.

I’ve taught many clients how to use Hangouts and created more than 150 of them in the past couple of years. But sometimes, it’s been kinda like the lonely hearts club out here. Now, with Google+ being upgraded significantly – from what I see so far – it’s getting better all the time. Better, better, better….

So, let’s share our tips, tricks and ideas about Collections. This is going to be fun!

Learn more

Here are some great posts where you can learn more about Google+ Collections:

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ACLU Releases Cop Cam App

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Beyond Social Media Show # 94

BSMedia Show - ACLU Cop Cam - Episode 94

Co-hosts David Erickson and B.L. Ochman discussed ACLU’s Cop Cam Social Justice phone App; the firing of Houston Rocket’s social media manager over a Tweet; Wall St Journal’s 40 videographers; Bud’s dim #UpForWhatever mistake; Twitter’s Brand spam problem; UBER for buses; “Long Live Pets” interactive film and lots more on BEYOND SOCIAL MEDIA SHOW # 94.

Beyond Social Media Show is a weekly video podcast broadcast live on Google Hangouts every Saturday at 11:30 AM CST/12:30 PM EST.

Worst Digital Cases

Best Digital Cases

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Frankie Manning 1914 – April 27, 2009: “Dancing is falling in love”

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April 27 is the anniversary of the great Lindy Hopper Frankie Manning’s death, just short of his 95th birthday in 2009. I was fortunate enough to be able to know, learn from and dance with the king of the Lindy Hop for many years. I’m re-posting this today in his honor.

RIP Frankie! I’m sure you’re doing the Crankie Do in Heaven!

First published in 2009: I’ve been lucky enough to know, dance, and take class with Frankie Manning for more than 10 years. He passed away peacefully this morning after a brief illness, just short of his 95th birthday.

Here are other posts I’ve written about Frankie over the years.

At the request of Frankie long-time girlfriend, Judy Pritchett, dancers are meeting tonight at Swing 46 to dance to Harlem Renaissance Orchestra – one of Frankie’s favorite bands.

Gotta go get my dancing shoes.
Love you Frankie!

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NHL Bans Meerkat & Periscope Live Streaming

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Beyond Social Media Show # 93

BSMedia Show - NHL Bans Periscope & Meerkat - Episode 93

David Erickson and I discussed the National Hockey League’s (NHL) banning of Meerkat and Periscope live streaming from their games; the Android robot got pissy with Apple; Coca-Cola’s reviled Earth Day tweets; Facebook’s new brand unfriendly algorithm; the Twizzler Challenge for Autism Awareness; brands embracing pot culture on 4/20; a campus suicide prevention effort; kids petitioning Dunkin Donuts; artificially intelligent toys; Kinect’s improved motion-detection technology; plus great new apps and important stats and a lot of stuff in between. Photo courtesy Sarah Connors on Flickr.






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Celebrities Take #TwizzlerChallenge for Autism Awareness

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Can #TwizzlerChallenge top ALS Ice Bucket?

The NYC4A.org #TwizzlerChallenge is fast gaining steam, and saliva, to bring attention to Autism Awareness Month,thanks to celebrity pairings like Jimmy Kimmel and Rihanna, Star Wars director JJ Abrams and Chewbacca, GloZell and a mystery guest, (as only she could do it) and lots more.



How it works

The #TwizzlerChallenge was started by Meredith Vieira after she saw a comedy segment on Night of Too Many Stars in which a Twitter user, @FredKatz, nominated Willie Geist (TODAY) & Uzo Aduba (Orange is the New Black), to reenact the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp with a piece of licorice during the live telethon. Vieira then invited Geist on her own show to do the scene again, branded it The Twizzler Challenge and donated $5,000 to NYC4A.

NYC4A is a non-profit dedicated to addressing the needs of individuals and families living with ASD by creating and supporting high-quality, innovative programs, schools and services nationwide to help those living with autism right now.

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Hillary Clinton Logo BrouHaHa and Much More

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Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 92


This week, David Erickson and I discussed #DigitalMarketing #OnlineAdvertising #DigitalStrategy and #PR news including Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo backlash; the video showing ESPN’s Britt McHenry berating a towing company employee; a revolting veterinarian in Texas; the Kardashians’ reality show visit to Armenia; LinkedIn’s new Elevate program; No Cat Calling street signs in New York and Philly; a GoPro space walk with NASA; calming video for dementia patients; plus great new apps and important stats and a lots more.

*Beyond Social Media Show* is an award-winning weekly video podcast broadcast live on Google Hangouts every Saturday at 11:30 AM CST/12:30 PM EST.

Worst Digital Cases

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Beyond Social Media Show is now on iTunes & Stitcher!

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