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Friday, March 27, 2015

[VIDEO] Pros & Cons of Starbucks’ #RaceTogether Campaign

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In this 5-minute video segment from this week’s BEYOND SOCIAL MEDIA SHOW, Dave Erickson and I discussed the social media kerkuffle that resulted when Starbucks instructed its 12,000 Baristas to engage customers in conversations about race relations.

Not everyone was happy, least of all Corey DuBrowa, Starbucks’ senior VP of communications, who deleted his Twitter account when the going got rough, then thought better of it and came back.

What should they have done? Here’s what we think.

Watch the entire video of episode 88

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Toyota Rips Off Story: Gets Sued

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It’s not the first time a big brand ripped off a little guy by stealing his content. This time it’s Toyota and their agency, Satchi & Satchi, ripping off the story that Eric Dahl of Nashville wrote in 2013 about how he found blues great BB King’s stolen guitar in a pawn show and returned it to him.

So guess what story Toyota’s ad tells, without crediting Dahl, who has sued them for copyright infringement?
I explained the situation in this 1-minute 33-second video.

Source: Automotive News
Reporter Name: David Barkholz

B.L. Ochman presented this example on BEYOND SOCIAL MEDIA SHOW Episode 88 on March 21, 2015. Watch the whole episode here

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It’s International Day of Happiness

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Watch this video, and sing along, as many times as necessary.

International Day of Happiness is a global celebration to mark the United Nations International Day of Happiness. It is coordinated by Action for Happiness, a non-profit movement of people from 160 countries, supported by a partnership of like-minded organizations.

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Bill Lumberg: How to bulk up your email threads

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Email is the bane of my existence. I get more than 800 a day. And the ones that dirve me the most insane are the gMail threads where scores of topics are discussed with the SAME damn subject line. So This video has me screaming with laughter and I suspect it might do the same to you.

Here’s Bill Lumbergh of Office Space coming out of retirement for a HipChat spoof that teaches the kids how to bulk up their email threads. Remember: volume = competence


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Why People Unfollow Brands in Social Media

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Hint: Brands are boring

A new study by Fractl and BuzzStream based on a survey of more than 900 social media users, looks at the “Unfollow Algorithm” Infographic to determine why people unfollow brands.

Unsurprisingly, the main reasons given are that brand content is repetitive and boring.


Among the study’s interesting findings:

  • Facebook has the highest unfollow rate – 25% — followed by Twitter Inc. at 12%.
  • 19% respondents said they unfollow a brand on Facebook if updates are too frequent: more than 6 posts a day.
  • While many brands repeat the same Twitter content as often as a dozen times a day, 21% unfollow social media sites due to repetitive content.
  • Around 8% said they unfollow brands on Twitter because of lack of customer engagement.
  • Unfortunately, said Kimberlee Morrison in Adweek, “most unfollows go unnoticed by brand pages, other than the decrease in follower numbers. Almost 60 percent of Twitter and Facebook users simply unfollow brands silently and less than 20 percent hide the posts. Around 10 percent of those who unfollow will instruct their friends to also unfollow, and around 10 percent will post a status update reflecting the change.”

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How and Why to Create Evergreen Content

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One of the pleasures of my week is being a member of Ray Hiltz’s Google Plus live broadcast, Ray’s Lunch Bunch, via Google+ Hangout on Air from 12:15 to 12:45 pm EDT with Jessica Dewell, Scott Scowcroft and Randy Bowden.

The shows revolve around marketing topics and our topic this week was how and why to create evergreen content. Ray made this 2-minute video compiling my answers to the questions he asked. You can view the complete 23-minute video here.

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Google’s Birthday Surprise for Google Plus Users

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Here’s what I saw when I logged on to Google search on Friday, March 13, my birthday.

GoogleBirthday Cartoon

Wow, I thought, I wonder what famous person was born on my birthday. I moused over the cartoon and it said “Happy Birthday B.L. Ochman!” I clicked on it and it took me directly to my GooglePlus profile.

What a great surprise and what a smart reward for Google+ users.

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YouTube ISIS Ad Gaffe; More Google Plus Breakup Rumors

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Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 86


Co-hosts B.L. Ochman & David Erickson discussed Jennifer Aniston ads running before ISIS recruitment videos on YouTube; the Salvation Army’s culturejacking of #TheDress meme; BL’s updated social media guru study; Delta Airline’s PR-Speak; bad email practices; hidden hyperlink ads; Twitter’s new embeddable videos; even more Google Plus breakup rumors; Google’s fact-based algorithm; plus great new apps and important stats and a lot of stuff in between.

Worst Digital Cases

Best Digital Cases

Shiny New Stuff



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Social Media Guru Count Holding Steady at 157,355

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A periodic, unscientific, What’s Next Blog study of social media consulting

I began tracking self-proclaimed social media gurus in 2009. One would think the tide would turn by now. But in March 2015, in a totally unscientific study – using Followerwonk – it is clear that the self-proclaimed social media expert count is holding steady as ever, as you can see from the chart below.

Bonus Links: These are some of the folks who’ll populate the social media old age home in 20 years or so:
2014: Twitter bios show epic growth – to 297,897 – of self-proclaimed social media gurus
Self Proclaimed Social Media Guru Count Growth Slows
Self-proclaimed social media gurus multiplying like rabbits on Twitter
– Down Sparky! Self-Proclaimed Google+ Experts Already Multiplying Like Rabbits
Social Media Gurus 2062

Social Media Gurus 2015

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Will Google+ Minus Hangouts?

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Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 85


Co-hosts B.L. Ochman & David Erickson discussed the possible breakout of Hangouts & photos from Google+, the great global debate over #thedress; Net Neutrality, Dove & LEGOS’ winning Oscar marketing, Dave’s YouTube copyright strike victory; Keith Olbermann’s suspension over tweets directed at Penn State students; a high-spending Republican Congressman betrayed by his Instagram account, and lots more in a fast-paced 1/2 hour live podcast via Hangouts on Air.

Worst Digital Cases

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The Daily Numbers

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