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Robot trying to write outline for Case Study. Generated by DALL-E3


One of the more helpful uses I have found for ChatGPT is creating case studies. I will demonstrate a prompt I used and the outline that took ChatGPT less than three minutes to generate. With the outline the bot provided, I could complete the case study in under an hour.

By integrating AI tools into your writing process you can focus more on the content quality and less on the manual labor of researching, brainstorming, creating outlines and generating first drafts. AI is not a substitute for your writing skills: it’s a tool to amplify your productivity and save you time.

Given a properly detailed prompt, ChatGPT will quickly produce the outlines for case studies  about your clients for your book, newsletter, blog, video, email or presentation. Fleshing out the content produced by AI, checking facts and citations is your responsibility.

In this example, I provided the fundamental elements of the marketing campaign I created and executed for a high net wealth accounting firm with a specialty in Crypto taxation.

***Note*** that I did not include the name of the company or the URL of the website because anything that you ask Chat GPT (or any other AI platform) becomes part of its Large Language Model and can potentially be copied or could give away business information that should not be made public.

Caveat: Garbage in, garbage out. Rather than simply asking ChatGPT to ‘Write a case study about my client, an accounting firm specializing in crypto taxation,” you’d get much better results with a prompt like the one below.

This is the prompt I provided to ChatGPT:

“I am a digital marketer who helps companies to increase their visibility online. This client’s  goals were to expand the reputation of the president of a high net wealth accounting firm as a thought leader, increase leads and web traffic.

To achieve these goals, I researched keywords, rewrote their website copy and worked with a graphic designer to make the site comprehensive, easy to read and engaging to  interact with. I ghost wrote and distributed 26 articles about crypto regulation and news for the president, who is a crypto taxation expert. I also handled their social media, increasing their following by 100 percent. Please write a case study about this client.”

The ChatGPT response

The following is the Case Study Outlineproduced by Chat GPT in a matter of seconds in response to my prompt. The only thing I’ve added is a testimonial that I already had received from the client.

ChatGPT wrote— “I’m creating a case study to showcase your success with the accounting firm. It will involve detailing the challenges, solutions, and results of your digital marketing efforts. Here’s an outline that you can use to form your case study.”

Heading: Digital Marketing Triumph: Doubling Online Visibility for a Leading Accounting Firm


Briefly introduce the client as a reputable accounting firm specializing in crypto taxation, highlighting their need for an improved online presence to reflect their expertise and attract more clients.


  • The firm’s website was outdated and lacked engaging content.
  • There was a deficiency in targeted keyword usage which affected their search engine rankings.
  • Their social media presence was minimal, limiting their reach and engagement with potential clients and media.
  • The firm needed to establish thought leadership in the niche area of crypto regulation and taxation.
  • They were not taking advantage of their substantial LinkedIn following.


  • Keyword Research: Conducted comprehensive keyword research to identify terms that prospective clients were using to find services like theirs.
  • Website Copy and Design: Created the wireframe for a new site. Overhauled the website with compelling copy centered around the targeted keywords and collaborated with a graphic designer to enhance user experience and engagement.
  • Content Creation: Ghost wrote a series of 26 articles on crypto regulation and news, positioning the firm’s president as a thought leader in the field.
  • Social Media Strategy: Developed and executed a robust social media strategy that included regular posting, community engagement and targeted campaigns to increase followers and interactions.


  • Website Metrics: The updated website experienced a significant increase in traffic and user engagement.
  • Content Impact: The articles became a resource in the crypto community and were quoted by significant media, leading to increased authority and recognition for the firm.
  • Social Media Growth: Achieved a 112 percent increase in the firm’s social media following, along with higher engagement rates.
  • Overall Visibility: As a direct result of improved online visibility, the firm reported an increase in inquiries from journalists as well as client acquisition. The founder was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal and other top outlets.


“Include a quote from the firm’s president or a top executive expressing satisfaction with the services and the impact it had on their business.:

I already had received this testimonial from the client about my role as a Fractional CMO:

“In six months, your work helped us to greatly increase our online presence, took the pressure off me for researching and writing publishable quality thought leadership articles, attracted the attention of journalists at major media, leading to speaking engagements and three substantial new clients. Not only that: you are fun to work with.”


Sum up the strategic approach taken and the significance of the digital marketing efforts in achieving the firm’s goals. Highlight the ongoing benefits of the initiatives you implemented.

Call to Action

Encourage readers to contact you for similar results in their digital marketing efforts.

When writing the actual case study, be sure to include data and statistics to support your results. Also, include visuals like graphs or before-and-after screenshots of the website and social media analytics to provide a clear, visual representation of your impact.


Any content generated by ChatGPT or other generative AI bots should only be treated as your starting point. Generative AI can save you huge amounts  of time, but you must absolutely ALWAYS check facts and edit it yourself to:

  1. Make sure that the responses incorporate your unique ideas and concepts.
  2. Give it your own unique voice so it’s written the way you would phrase it. (You can train AI to write in your voice, but that’s an advanced topic that I will cover in another article.)
  3. Make sure there aren’t any factual errors (remember ChatGPT and other AI platforms make things up, including facts and citations.) You need to check every bit of content it produces for accuracy, plagiarism and sentence structure.
  4. It’s best to stick to AI tasks like summarization, synthesis, sparking creativity, and table generation.

Generative AI tools can assist in various aspects of the writing process, such as creating initial outlines, refining content, improving SEO and optimizing content. They write what is widely described as “good enough” content.” It’s not good enough for me, and I sincerely hope you won’t consider it good enough for you.

ChatGPT’s website instructs: “ChatGPT can make mistakes. Consider checking important information.”

The perspective, the creativity and the writing talent has to come from you. (At least so far.) Given the pace of change in AI, that could change very soon.

B.L. Ochman is a Fractional Marketing Strategist Driving Growth Through Digital Solutions & Artificial Intelligence (#AI)