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Wiz_Radio.jpgThe other day, I was in the ladies’ room at Barnes & Noble and I encountered a woman (flush) who was sitting on the sink loudly using her cell phone, PDA and a yellow pad, (fluuusssh) making and receiving (faaaart) business calls. Now, besides clueless people and potty targets, there will be Wiz Radio in the john. Steve Hall at adrants reports that Heard It Media Group in Hartford, CT has launched its pre-recorded audio production in the restrooms of twenty-five establishments. Coors, Guinness, Miller, Hartford Advocate, LIA Hyundai, and Travis Mortgage are among the first WIZ advertisers. The station is scheduled to be in all major cities across the United States by June 2005
Look for some enterprising person to get the franchise for earplug dispensing machines. And hey, where are the laptops for blogging from the john??? And hey, how come they only have slot machines in the johns in Las Vegas?