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dinosaur_PRSA.jpgI spoke yesterday at the sold out 2006 PRSA Technology Section Conference, on a panel led by Eric Schwartzman, who’s a podcasting pioneer. Last year at the same event, participants (who call themselves communications professionals) were still asking “what’s a blog, exactly?” This year, people knew what blogs are, but a couple of comments sum up the general attitude among the big PR agency flaks in attendance:
– a panelist, who repeated this at least twice: “sure bloggers point out an issue, but there’s no real impact until it hits mainstream media.”
– a dinosaur, er, I mean a big agency flak: “a reporter called me and asked me ‘is this crap on the blogs true?’ and I said, Of course not!”
Oh well, lunch was great, and it was fun taking a run through nearby Century 21.