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If you still think blogs are nothing more than frivolous online diaries, think again! Blogs are great business tools.
Beginning today, What’s Next Online is a blog. That means that I write it, I press a button, and I publish it instantly. No more being tied to anyone for creating the html code for each issue. No more paying per issue for layout and having to work on someone else’s deadline.
Blogs are wonderful content management tools. My content is automatically archived. And it is seamlessly integrated into the rest of my Website,
Thanks to Komra Moriko of Design4Results for setting up the newsletter so it is completely templated and I don’t have to learn anything technical at all.
When I told my friend and colleague Judy Vorfeld (one of the world’s best editors) that I wanted to learn html so I could do my own issues and update my site content, she told me it was not a good use of my time. “Frankly,” she said, “I’d rather that you learn to slay dragons.”
And now that I can publish online all by myself, I feel mighty powerful indeed.
Want to know how a blog can help your business? Call me!