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By B.L. Ochman
Think you have too many things to do right now? Fuh-get-about it! You may be multi-tasking now, but you’ll soon be hyper-tasking to keep up with time compression. That’s what trend analyst Michael Tchong predicts, along with a decrease in ageism, a massive shortage of water and a tendency to worry about our memories as we try to stuff more and more information into our heads.
Staying on top of trends is a daunting task for marketers as the pace of change reaches warp speed, and everything will have to be achieved at break neck speed. Many businesses turn to information age visionary Tchong for help. He’s founder of Trendscape, a San Francisco-based media and entertainment company, and publisher of the trend forecasting e-mail newsletter, He tracks trends in 14 categories and soon will be guest keynote at trend forecasting seminars in several countries. He has just published Trendscape 2004, a trend overview report.
The time compression trend started in the 80s. When asked,