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Dog_Toothbrush.gifToothbrushes. Who cares about them besides dentists? Three out of four people use them long past their prime according to The American Dental Association. Sometimes old ones are used for household chores or do-it-yourself projects. Few people think about them when they’re not brushing their teeth. But ToothbrushExpress has a clever way to sell them.
ToothbrushExpress is a comprehensive subscription-based toothbrush replacement service. It offers a variety of major brands and delivering toothbrushes and oral health products to consumers on their preferred delivery schedule: monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or semi-annually.
You select your favorite toothbrush, or try a new one, buy dental floss, tongue scrapers, even buy a toothbrush for your pet and learn about the history of the toothbrush.
The average cost of an annual subscription for a manual toothbrush, delivered on a quarterly basis, is less than $12.25. Gift certificate programs as well as a recycling program called “Save The Planet One Toothbrush At A Time,” add to the uniqueness of the concept.