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google_trends_logo.pngToday, Google launched Google Hot Trends, in beta, and revolutionized search queries.

“Hot Trends is a new feature of Google Trends for sharing the the hottest current searches with you in very close to real time,” says the official Google blog. “What’s on our collective mind as we search for information? What’s interesting to people right now?”

To help users understand why a search is hot, Hot Trends results include Google News, Google Blog Search and web search.
The experimental Hot Trends service also allows users to select specific dates to see what the top-rising searches were at a given point in the recent past, starting in mid-May, according to a Reuters story in PC Magazine.
Google Hot Trends Group will host discussions about the trends.
This is proof positive that Google’s online domination is firmly based in its understanding of the online culture and the tools we need to stay in the race. There are a host of other services, paid and unpaid, that offer some combination of this data bonanza, but Google Hot Trends beings it all together. Bravo!
Posted by B.L. Ochman