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American Airlines lost my bag on my flight back from San Francisco last night. They also lost the bags of six other passengers on my flight. They give you a number to call. You talk to a machine. There is no way whatsoever to speak to a human to find out what is being done or what American Airlines lost baggage reimbursement policy is. They do not consider your bag to be lost until it has been missing for FIVE days.
Go to the American Airlines website. Try to find a phone number that allows you to speak to a human about a problem. There is none. You cannot speak to a human at American Airlines if you have a problem with American Airlines. It is clear that customer service is not a big concern at American Airlines. (But i am sure they are concerned about search engine placement and so I will do my very best to optimize this complaint.)
So, I called the PR department at 817.967.1577. I identified myself as a blogger and told them that I will blog my experience and hoped they would do what they could to make it pleasant. I was switched to Carol Alexander, the assistant of Mr Shawn Battell (SP?) who is Manager of Customer Relations.
I know that bags get lost. I’ve had bags lost before. By American Airlines. And the bags came back a day or so later. What is so outrageous is the way they handle customer service about lost baggage. My favorite boots and two of my favorite jackets are in that bag. I want them back. I want a human being to assure me that they are looking for my bag and that if, god forbid, they don’t find it, they will re-imburse me at full value for what I lost. I want someone to care. But nobody at American Airlines wants to be bothered with customers. At least not anyone I have met so far.
American Airlines Customer Service Sucks
Ms. Alexander said that she would make sure that someone called me back. When pressed, she said that someone would be a baggage specialist. I asked the name of the head baggage specialist. She refused to provide a name.

“We have a lot of baggage specialists,” she said.

I said American Airlines promised me when I got on the plane that my bag would arrive in New York.
Why should I believe that someone from American Airlines would call me back , I aksed, when so far, no promises have been kept? I asked for her phone number so I could call her back if someone did not get back to me and she said

“We do not give out our phone numbers. You can choose to believe what you want to believe or not.”

Not being the type to give up easy, I called back the PR department and spoke with someone named Carol. She told me she would switch me to Jeanette Holland, secretary to the person to whom Mr. Battell reports. She refused to give me Holland’s phone number, but it is 817.967.1201 I got her machine. She also refused to give me the name of Ms. Holland’s boss.And she hung up on me. That’s where the story is… so far.
And of course my bag is still missing. Anyone have any advice on how to make more noise about this?
Here’s the followup email I sent to American’s corporate communications department:

Hi: Regarding the issue I called about earlier and about which I spoke to Carol, here is my first blog post on the problem I am having with American Airlines and my lost bag.
Of course I know that bags get lost, and bags get found. The issue is the way the problem is handled and the fact that the AA website has absolutely no phone number or other way to reach an actual human being who can help with a problem.
That is simply not acceptable, and neither is the way my problem is being handled.
B.L. Ochman