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Talk of blogs is everywhere. Corporations, authors, and experts of every stripe are finding that blogs can be valuable marketing and PR tools. But blogs aren’t for everyone. So before you join the blogosphere, consider both the advantages and the caveats.
The major advantage of blogs is that they are interactive and require no knowledge of coding by the content creators. The major disadvantage is that maintaining a successful blog requires skillful research, professional writing skills and a huge commitment of time and effort. There simply is no such thing as a perfect marketing tool, or an effortless way to build traffic to any site, including blogs.
The 2004 Presidential race inaugurated the blog into the realm of serious marketing tool. From in-house communication, file sharing, and sheer speed of creation to interactivity with an audience, blogs are the cheapest, most effective content management tool yet created.
There are more advantages than disadvantages to blogging, but the disadvantages will definitely cause your blog’s failure and could even put you in the midst of controversy or see you mocked by other bloggers.
Blogging caveats: