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LeWeb3.jpgLinden Labs marketing director Glenn Fisher told attendees the sold out Le Web 3 conference in Paris that this afternoon

“Most of the brands that that have come to the [Second Life] metaverse have not created a strong enough presence to create a significant business for them at this moment in time.”

This is not a big surprise to me since most of the businesses in Second Life are all but invisible because their proprietors lack – or believe they don’t need – marketing skills. Some things never change, no matter what universe you’re in. Sigh.
Fisher also updated the conference audience with a range of statistics on business in Second Life:
* $7m is exchanged in trade by avatars every month
* The SL economy is worth $84m
* Not including land deals, there are $500,000 in monthly purchases
* There are over 7,000 businesses in-world
* The average revenue of the top 10 businesses is $25,000
* The top 100 businesses gross $6,300 on average
via e-consultancy