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The Traditional Press Release Is Dead!

Wondering why your PR is getting poor response? If your PR and marketing efforts are falling flat, it could be time for the new method we call Reality PR ™. It’s based on tactics a lot more solid than outdated press releases. And Reality PR ™ gets better results than traditional PR.

Read B.L.’s acclaimed article “Press Releases Are a Colossal Waste of Time.”

When we develop your Realty PR ™ strategy we replace the traditional press release with communications designed for the Internet. And we add a host of new marketing and publicity outlets that are at least as powerful as traditional media.

You owe it to yourself and your business’ marketing success to discover the breakthrough Reality PR ™ tactics that work now!

  • Can you make the media listen when you pitch your stories?
  • Do you know how to develop story ideas about your business?
  • What are the 3 most common PR mistakes?
  • What are the keys to crisis planning and damage control?
  • How can you write articles that establish you as an expert?
  • How can you develop an online Press Room the media will love?
  • How should you recycle your publicity for maximum impact?
  • How should you write media tip sheets and alerts?
  • How can you effectively promote your site offline?
  • How can contests lead to widespread publicity?
  • What’s the best way to track your PR results?
  • What are the secrets to writing and marketing special reports?
  • How can you use polls and surveys that the media will love?
  • What are the top ways to generate publicity at trade shows?
  • What is the value of tele-conferencing?
  • Why you should probably never hold a press conference?
  • What should you never tell a reporter?
  • How can you become the local angle on a national story?
  • How can awards generate traffic to your site?
  • What are the secrets of successful content syndication?