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cows_kissing.jpgMilk Is Milk, the blog of the Center for Global Food Issues’ Director of Research and Education Alex Avery, claims to have unearthed a PR scandal by organic milk producer Organic Valley Milk, who he says duped ABC News and USA Today among others. However, Avery appears to be a shill for synthetic growth hormone producers.
Milk Is Milk is a prime example of old-school PR using new media for propaganda. And it looks like dead-tree media drank it down like a baby with a bottle.
PR agencies use bogus institutes as ringers for their clients all the time. Avery says the non-profit Cornucopia Institute, which is attacking Horizon Organic, is “full of BS,” and appears to be a front group for “black marketing dairy interests” of Organic Valley milk.
Avery contends that the press contact for Cornucopia is none other than a PR consultant to Organic Valley. Cornucopia has been attacking Horizon Organic, a competitor of Organic Valley. And ABC News and USA Today are among those reporting on the issue and calling Cornucopia Institute “a non-profit farm policy research group based in Wisconsin.”
A peek behind the scenes, Avery says, suggests the Cornucopia Institute is merely a marketing arm for a competing dairy interest – Organic Valley, which Avery previously accused of grossly distorting information about competitors’ safety claims.
Despite extensive evidence to the contrary, Milk Is Milk, maintains that there is nothing wrong with adding synthetic hormones to milk, since all milk contains hormones anyway. However, those hormones comes from cows, not laboratories.
Seems like there’s more bullshit than milk involved in Milk Is Milk’s “scandal.”