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We’re into marketing solutions. Not Theory
By our definition, marketing is everything your company does to sell its products
and services – from the way you answer the phone to the
subject lines in your e-mails. We’ll
help you get all the key components of your business,
from public relations to e-mail,
working toward one strong and effective result – more

We’ve performed marketing magic that has made
lots of money for a lot of clients.
And we’ll do our very best to do the same for you.

We’ll use all the appropriate marketing and public relations services
in our arsenal to help you succeed. Our goal is to get the public to buy more
from you – because that’s what really counts.

When we work with you to increase your marketing success, we provide an objective, experienced opinion to help you find out:<

  • How clear is your sales message?
  • How easy is it to use your site?
  • How can simplifying your message make it stronger?
  • How quickly can a customer get all the details he/she needs to make a buying decision?
  • Should you have an affiliate marketing program? And if so, what’s the best way to create a successful affiliate campaign?
  • How does your site compares to others in your field?
  • What successful marketing opportunities are you missing?
  • Does your site instill confidence in your company?
  • How can you get PR?
  • Should you use e-mail marketing? Keyword buys? Print ads?
  • What online publications have real influence (perhaps even more than traditional print media?)
  • Is micro-marketing the answer or just another flash in the pan?
  • How well are your products or services fulfilling their promises?
  • How can you make it easier and more attractive for your customer to buy and use what you sell?
  • How can you get your message out to traditional and new media out