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Calacanis.jpgThe opinionated and always animated blog entrepreneur Jason Calacanis has resigned from AOL, which he joined after selling his blog network, Weblogs Inc. to them a year ago, reportedly for $25-30 million. Calacanis left in the wake of the firing of AOL’s chief executive, Jonathan Miller, who he called one of the few mentors he’s had in his life.
Calacanis said he came into AOL knowing how to run a $10-15 million company, and leaves knowing how to run a billion dollar company. He’s mum on his next move, but you can be sure he will land on his feet. Undoubtedly the repressive atmosphere of big corporations was stifling to an entrepreneur used to calling all the shots.
TechCrunch broke the story first, followed by The NY Times. Blogs rock.