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My blog, What’s Next Blog covers Internet strategy, marketing, public relations, politics with news and commentary. Here are some of the topics I’ve featured in the past few days:
When is a blog not a blog
List of Corporate CEOs Who Blog
Gillmor: Google IPO a Success Despite Second Guessers
” … overall, this IPO was a success. Don’t let the naysayers, especially the Wall Street crowd, tell you otherwise.
Blogger Ranks Thin at Republican Convention
– Only 20 people will blog from the RNC, vs 120 who blogged from Boston last month.
Couch Potato Videos Give Way to Dance Dance Revolution and Missed Blog Opportunities
-The days of couch potato video gamers are over. Exergaming and Intensity gaming are internationally popular ways to get into smaller pants.
DDR enthusiast Raphael Pungin blogs about DDR. But Sony and a company named Powergrid are missing great blog opportunities.
Paris Hilton Calls For End to Swift Boat Flap
Nike Makes Tennis Boot Sneakers for Serena Williams
New Yorkers Give Republican Convention a Bronx Cheer
Robosapien: Cool Robot, Dreadful Web Site That Needs a Blog