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sammy_puppy_small.jpgBesides the millions of humans who need our prayers and contributions in New Orleans and other Katrina-devastated areas, thousands upon thousands of domestic and farm animals desperately need rescue. Please wait until I find out exactly where to donate to do the most good.
UPDATE, Sept 2: Veterinarian Dr. Raph Gilbert says: “… the short answer is yes, the ASPCA is a very good choice for directing donations, but it would be best to specifically ear-mark the money to the ASPCA Disaster Relief Fund so it doesn’t get side tracked into other programs or administrative coffers (which are funded through other donor sources).”
My veterinarian friend, Dr Raph Gilbert, is checking to see which local animal organizations are still standing. They’re the ones who really need our help. The ASPCA or Humane Society are taking contributions, but they will have administrative fees and I’d like to cut out the middleman and give directly to those who will perform the services. In the meantime, The Salvation Army and The Red Cross will accept donations of animal food, blankets, toys, medications, etc.
I will have an update later today on animal organizations to which we can contribute directly. Please also give generously to The American Red Cross.
More about why The Red Cross is the right place to give:
– when I was out of business because my computer was destroyed by electrical surges and World Trade Center dust, FEMA basically told me to go to hell, but The Red Cross wrote me a check for a replacement computer. The Red Cross acts. Everyone else talks.