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snorting.jpgI momentarily lost sight of my sense of humor and my sense of marketing. My post about Hershey’s Ice Breakers, which cops and some parent groups say look like nickel bags of heroin or coke, was wrong. Hershey’s is not cracked. Their strategy is, in fact, crystal clear.
“Hershey’s ought to admit that Ice Breakers are an unfortunate mistake and eat the loss,” I said, rather dimly. But, as Shrivel pointed out in the comments, kids are keen on shocking unsuspecting parents by appearing to be doing something illicit.
One of my favorite childhood pranks was one my brother played on our parents. He put a “joint” made with pencil shavings, in his desk drawer in his room. Our parents found it and did the obligatory flipout. This stunt proved we knew they spied on us, and gave us all a good giggle.
With the same reasoning, and then some, I’m sure there are plenty of kids out there who’ll love to flip their parents out with Ice Breakers.
And wouldn’t it really be fun to have a teacher confiscate your breath mints? The answer’s yes if you’re a kid. How could I forget.
So Hershey’s should enjoy the attention. I suspect they knew exactly what they were doing.
Bonus Link : Reefer Madness.