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911_sign_hidden.jpgSee that sign in the middle of the photo? We didn’t. That’s because it was BEHIND the cashiers at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square theatre where we saw the (excellent) Al Gore movie on Saturday. The sign says that a preview of the Oliver Stone exploitation movie, “World Trade Center” will be shown before “An Inconvienant Truth.”
This is America. We choose what we want to see and hear in theaters. I don’t want to see any films about 9/11. I was there. The sounds and the images of 9/11 are permanently etched in my memory. And yet, suddenly, there was the sound track of the worst experience of my life, and by time I ran out of the theatre, I’d heard almost a minute of it.
If you bought your tickets online, there was NO SIGN at the ticket machines. This is the worst type of insensitivity to New York sensibilities and to those of us who are 9/11 survivors.