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iphonelineup.pngHere’s one thing I won’t be doing this weekend.
This is Dave Clayman, from Chicago, who’s waiting three days (!!) outside the Apple store in SoHo to buy an iPhone. Uber-blogger Robert Scoble is heading to the line for a sleepover tonight. He’s vlogging from line. That certainly indicates that Apple has no plans for a blogger outreach program on this one.
Reviews seem to indicate that the phone may be worth the hype, but it’s the hype that fascinates me more than the phone. And the fact that my Apple stock is racing upward. Nick Starr, who’s been camping out at an Apple store in Florida says on Twitter that Apple is allowing TWO iPhones per customer — indicating that they have plenty to meet the demand.
I’m waiting for the 2.0 or 3.0 because, as Steve Rubel pointed out recently, everything is released in Beta these days and customers work out the kinks for companies. And besides: iPhone doesn’t have video. My phone has video and I like that!