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bl_sammy.jpgUh oh, a month ago (not reading my RSS feed often enough!) Toby Bloomberg tagged me for the 8 Secrets Meme Game. you tell 8 things people don’t know about you and then you tag 8 more people to play and then they tag 8 more people and so on and so on … I usually ignore these things, but, hey, it’s Saturday. So here goes:
1. I am a terrible banjo player, even though I’ve taken lessons from Tony Trishka and Taj Mahal.
2. Before I was a swing dancer, I was a tap dancer.
3. I did publicity for the world’s first singing wine bottle, and the world’s largest tomato content. I’ve been a recovering flak for 10 years.
4. I’ve faced down death four times in the past 10 years: two very serious illnesses, hit by a car, and I’m 9/11 survivor.
5. I have a huge rubber-band ball that I add to regularly.
6. I’ve been married and divorced twice and thankfully I had the help from a child custody attorney in Arizona. And I intend to get married again one day.
7. When my late Labrador Retreiver, Sam Ochman, and I were a Delta Pet Partner team, a little boy named Taqui, who had cerebral palsy, said his first words, “Hello dog.” Two weeks later, he said “Sam is a big yellow dog.” And from then on, he talked up a storm.
8. I’ve been on Oprah three times, and on Today, Good Morning America, etc, etc. as Rent-A-Kvetch.
Ok, the bloggers I’m tagging to tell us their 8 Secrets are:
1. Joan Bramsch
2. Andres Biancotto
3. Hugh Macleod
4. Ann Handley
5. Rick Bruner
6. Heath Row
7. Ike Pigott
8. Connie Reece
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