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tampon_bowling.jpgLong overdue, Dittie LLC of Orinda, CA, has launched a line of feminine hygiene products that don’t treat menstruation like an ailment, or as something to hide.
Founded by Barbara Carey, President, Dittie’s products are stylish and, well, feminine. The Dittie Website features the Dittie Pledge to always pass one on to any woman in need, funny stories about tampons, and Tampon Bowling, which is not what you may expect. The site cries out for a blog and user forums, perhaps password protected to keep out mischief makers.
Adding Style Where None Has Gone Before
Says founder Carey in her message, “not one box of tampons, pads or pantiliners had an ounce of style! Where was the fun? The feminine flair? And why did I feel like I was in a hospital? The products all looked like medicine, which made me feel ill. And I wasn’t