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hersheycrack.pnghershey-Package.pngIs Hershey’s cracked? I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Hershey execs approved the packaging for their new Ice Breakers breath mints.
Either, someone convinced them that packaging breath fresheners to look like crack cocaine was trendy and cool, or they really didn’t know that crack and heroin both come in packages similar to Ice Breakers. Narcotics dealers sometimes name their products to give them brand recognition and to earn repeat clients, according to Narcs. Enterprising drug dealers are surely printing up “Ice Breaker” labels for their nickel bags right now.
As these 185+ stories show, police are concerned, they say, that a child could mistake the crack for candy: a tragedy in the making.
Hershey’s is defending the packaging, saying each little envelope is clearly labeled. “It is not intended to simulate anything,” Hershey spokesman Kirk Saville told Associated Press. He’ll undoubtedly be saying “would you like fries with that?” next week.
Defending this product is just plain dumb. Defending the packaging – whether or not cops are right – just makes Hershey’s look like they don’t care about kids – who are, doh! – their core customers.
Hershey’s ought to admit that Ice Breakers are an unfortunate mistake and eat the loss.