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iPod_ripoff.jpgIn more than 10 years handling consumer complaints as Rent-a-Kvetch, I learned a thing or two about how to get slimeball companies to do right by consumers.
So I have some advice for the many people who have ordered and paid for Apple mini-iPods from and or put pressure on Microsoft to prohibit these companies from selling their products. And, if you paid by credit card, call your card company and report fraud since it is illegal to charge for products until they are shipped. reports being deluged with complaints from readers who ordered Apple’s hot iPod mini from and Readers complain that they paid for their iPods as far back as March and — despite repeatedly contacting the company by email and phone — have yet to receive their players.
Don’t Keep it to Yourself!
Go to, cnet, anandtech, ripnet-uk and every other site that has published reviews of the iPod (do a google search for iPod review to find them.) Then, in the comments section, warn people not to do business with these sites. is available for anyone who wants to start a blog with that name. blogs generally get search engine placement faster than Websites.
The bottom line: these appear to be slimeball companies. Don’t do business with them.