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Horror.jpgGreg at Perfect Porridge music blog has chronicled 230 days of Sony BMG customer service hell . It is a classic case of a company with its head in the sand, or perhaps an even darker place.
Sony BMG Rootkit SettlementHe was one of the people in 2005 whose computer was infected with malicious Sony Rootkit spyware after he LEGALLY downloaded sony CDs.
“Happy Reading,” Greg writes, “and please keep this in mind the next time you make a decision between a Sony product and any other brand…”
Sony’s response? A perfect example of a company that has no clue how the Internet, or a blog swarm, works. They’re about to find out.
He’s also posted Sony emails and phone numbers that he hopes “will help the thousands others still trying to get their settlements from Sony’s spyware fiasco.” The issue remains unsettled!
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