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hugh_career.jpgPeter Brady at Performancing envisions bloggers going public and Stephen Baker at Business Week thinks that’s not bloody likely. The truth is somewhere in between.
With stunning optimism, Brady suggests that bloggers should have an exit strategy for their blog, and “consider the potential for stock market flotation at some point.”
“Think big and set your targets high, but realistically.” he writes. revealing that he recently requested Venture Capital funding.
Baker says “Maybe I’m blind to opportunity, but I think the overwhelming majority of our blogs have little or no market value unless the blogger is included. And that’s less a sale of a blog than a blogger getting a job.”
Hugh Macleod calls bloggers like me and him global microbrands: “A small, tiny brand, that “sells” all over the world.”
As Hugh notes, “any service professional with a bit of talent and something to say could spread their message far and wide beyond their immediate client base and local market, without needing a high-profile name or the goodwill of the mainstream media.”
And eventually, these bloggers could decide they want to move on to something else, and sell the company they create.
The global microbrand, Macleod says, is “the prize… the ticket off the treadmill.”
A successful blog can be the conduit. This one is sure helping my business grow. It’s fun too. How many people with jobs can say that?