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adweek.jpgAdweek ripped me off. They’ve apparently been charging me $19.95 a month since January 2006 for a subscription I didn’t order. I just saw a $19.95 a month charge from them this month on my card statement. I called MasterCard to complain. Then I contacted Adweek. That’s when I learned that they’ve been charging me since January. So shoot me, I didn’t notice. I have used my card to download articles off the site, but I absolutely didn’t subscribe.
Their so-called customer service told me that they see that I’ve never logged into the account. Doh. That’s because I didn’t open it. They offered to refund three months. But they’ve been charging me for nine months and I want a refund for nine months. It’s “company policy”, that old Neurenburg Philisophy, that they only refund three months. So they know it’s not my sub, and they know the credit card company will charge it back to them, but it’s company policy to bust your chops. Sigh.
So I wrote a letter reporting the fraud to MasterCard, looked up VNU Media and saw that Bob Krakoff is the CEO, sent him a copy, cc’d Elliot Spitzer, etc, etc.
And eventually, either MasterCard or some genius at VNU will refund my money. So why, oh why, of why, don’t they just refund the money and we all move along?
Beware of subscribing to email newsletters on media sites. Beware of trial subscriptions. Beware of small type. Beware. Beware.
UPDATE: VNU Media has decided to cut me a check to refund my money for these bogus subscriptions. I will let you know if the check actually arrives.

Dear Ms. Ochman,
To confirm our discussion, we will be issuing you a full refund for the and Editor & subscriptions that have been charged to your credit card on a monthly basis since April 2004. This amount totals $585.36. You should receive the check no later than the end of next week. We will mail the check Fedex and I will confirm when it has gone out.
I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and please don’t hesitate to contact me should have any questions.
Joanne Wheatley
Vice President, Information Marketing
VNU Business Publications USA