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ZD Net is aiming for higher pick-up of its stories by bloggers by providing pre-written, html-formatted posts that bloggers can put right into their blog software. So let me get this straight: ZD Net thinks bloggers will want to be told what to write, what links to use and how to format their posts? Not this blogger. But I bet they will get lots of takers.
Here’s an example:
30% of consumer magazine Web sites offer RSS
If you want to include this posting in your blog:
A report by International Federation of the Periodical Press reveals interesting facts about online properties of consumer magazines. 66% of such sites report that they have Web-only advertisers, up from 53% in 2003. 77% offer marketers print/Web packages, up from 65% in 2003. Additionally, 20% of respondents say they offer marketers contextual advertising. 54% reported […]
Copy and paste this formatted text:
Thanks anyway, ZD NET, but I’ll do my own thinking and writing.