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keithrichards.pngYou know it’s a slow news day when the headline on the cover of the NY Daily News is “Keith Richards: I Snorted My Dad.” And people ask me why I read that rag!
The story about “the leathery legend” is from an interview in UK’s NME Magazine.
Among Richards’ revelations:

“The best time I’ve ever had on drugs was…
I can’t remember [bada bing]
My favourite new band is…
I ain’t got any, they’re all a load of crap
I’ll stop playing when…
I croak
I wasn’t climbing a tree [when he fell, suffering concussion and subsequently having to undergo brain surgery], I was sitting on a fucking shrub. I was sitting on that shrub again today, but I happened to fall off it the wrong way that day.”

Richards’ manager claims he was joking about his dad. Just having a little fun! Rock on, wrinkly rockers.