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Twitter has been twittered about online and off, mostly by people who don’t use it. Steve Rubel pointed out this week that Twitter has gone far beyond its inane question “What are you doing right now?” and become a new blogging platform, and more.

I just asked my Tweetie friends what the phrase “out of pocket” actually means, and in a few minutes, learned that it’s come to stand for being unavailable. Robert Scoble just told us that he has switched to Mac. (Welcome to the other side Robert. Eat your heart out Microsoft!)

We saved Rubel from sleeplessness last week by assuring him that, yes, it is ok to go to sleep while the clothes dryer is running. And yesterday I learned that I didn’t need to buy Stuffit for $59 because Mac OSX opens zip files all by itself.

Sure there’s a lot of “what I’m having for dinner” on Twitter. And who cares? But there’s also a lot of cooperation, no comment spam (yet), and no PR people attaching insipid press releases to emails. OK, I’ll stop twittering and go back to work now.