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yahoo360Beta.jpgI’ve set up my home page and blog on the Yahoo!360 beta (thanks Steve Rubel for the invite) which combines blogging and social networking and puts Yahoo! in the blog biz in a big way.
It’s invite only for now, and I have about 25 more invites so email me know if you’d like an invite so you can try it out.
The Yahoo!360 beta seems kinda buggy. For example, I’ve now sent out invites three times and friends report that they haven’t gotten them even once. I’ve gotten a couple of error messages and a couple of “Invites Sent Successfully” messages.
I’m a technical clunkhead, but I post many times a day on What’s Next Blog, and yet it took me half an hour to figure out how/where to post to my Yahoo!360 blog. I emailed tech support this morning to ask them how to do it and have yet to get a reply. Not good.
Here’s how it works: you can create a blog page, as well as modules on your home page that share your Reviews from Yahoo Local, Photo Albums from Yahoo! Photos, Music from Yahoo! Launchcast, and Lists (which are a feature only within Yahoo!360.) You can also advertise presence information from Yahoo! Messenger, post a picture of yourself, share what Yahoo Groups you belong to, (or not) and advertise your friends (within Yahoo!360) and their respective Yahoo!360 pages.
Seems like a nice tool for people with no blogging experience and no html skills, and that’s who it is intended for. It has absolutely no use for business, at least for now. There is no RSS feed, and there don’t seem to be permalinks or trackbacks on the blog entries, but maybe these necessary business blog features will be coming soon.
I don’t want all my Yahoo! groups public, but you can’t select some to be publicly viewed and others to remain private. You cannot customize the blog, so I guess everyone will have the same graphic identity, and colors, which is boring. It’s cool to be able to share music and photos, and to be able to moblog from anywhere.
There are reviews here here and here