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clapton72.pngThe autobiography of Old Slow Hand, Eric Claption, (seen circa 1976) is Number Two on The New York Times Best Seller list, where wrinkled rockers currently are all the rage.
“In the case of people like Eric and Keith [Richards], you don’t want to wait much longer than this,” Ed Victor, literary agent for Clapton and Richards, told Matthew Flamm at Crain’s New York, “It’s amazing that these guys remember anything.”
Among the possible reasons for the big sales:
– Old baby boomers like to read about other old baby boomers
– Old baby boomers (hey, I’m one) don’t remember WTF happened in the 60s and 70s.
– Mysteriously, old baby boomers may think that old rockers, who were even more out of it than we were at the time, might be able to tell us what happened during out misspent youth
– And, as Crain’s points out, since every move of rock’s old guard was not compulsively covered by Perez Hilton and other celeb blogs, Clapton et al may still have an untold tale or two to share.
That last point definitely does not bode well for the future of print publishing.
Wonderful Tonight, a memoir by Pattie Boyd–ex-wife of guitar legends Eric Clapton and George Harrison–debuted at No. 1 this summer. Perennial bad boy Keith Richards recently sold the rights to his autobiography for $7 million. Maybe he’ll finally tell us what he was doing in that tree.