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The New York Times has launched David Carr’s daily blog, The Carpetbagger, which will run in the entertainment section during Oscar season.
And Frank Barnako reports that a real estate blog is next, saying that Jonathan Landman, deputy managing editor of the Times told the staff in an email.
“Nothing is more important to the future of our web ambitions than to engage our sophisticated readers. Blogs are one way to do it,” Landsman said.
He also said the blogs will have editors and will adhere to the Times’ journalistic standard.
Maybe the Times will finally make a plan to maximize its acquisition of the 500 blogs it bought at the fire sale price of $410 million in February 2005.
A Safe Haven for Blog-Ignorant Media Buyers?
Having such a vast network of blogs and bloggers certainly positions the Times well for incorporating blogging into its infrastructure. And creates a great opportunity for advertisers anxious to enter the blog space.
The Times is a known entity for blog-ignorant traditional agencies and corporate media buyers, not a scary moonscape like the blogs of individuals who make their own rules.