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Interesting content, especially if you are an entrepreneur looking for capital. But why, when all of us read off a screen all day long, would anyone send an email that looks like this one?
Dear Entrepreneur,
Re: A Unique Opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Venture-Backed Companies Seeking Capital
As you may be aware, iBreakfast is an Executive Sponsor of New York Private Equity Forums, one of America’s most effective organizers of deal-oriented events. Their next venue, Private Equity 2006: Emerging Growth & Venture Forum, will be held on Thursday, March 30th at the Yale Club New York. I wanted to let you know that Presenter applications are now being accepted for the upcoming date. Principals from more than 150 active early and later-stage investment funds are expected to attend from throughout the United States, representing nearly $25 billion in capital for early and later-stage companies. In addition, many high net worth investors and a number of leading angel groups will also be participating. Athena Capital, Beechwood Ventures, Capital Resource Partners, Fifth Street Capital, Foundation Ventures, Global Enterprises, Intel Capital, Nokia Innovent, Progressive Technology Partners, Taproot Ventures, UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund are just a few of the marquis firms!
who are planning to attend. A listing of conference guests can be found at (Kindly note that the names of individual attendees or Angel investors are not indicated for privacy purposes.) In the event that you are looking for capital, the March conference could be quite valuable. The investor venue created this forum can significantly reduce the cost of finding capital as well as the time necessary to raise it, particularly in this current market with fewer active players for early-stage companies and tougher investment criteria. The upcoming event can provide a highly effective and prestigious setting for management to deliver its vision to a captive audience of receptive investors and well-qualified funding sources. The forum is an “invitation-only” event, which be attended by a select group of capital sources who are part of the extensive network of relationships that the sponsors have developed over the last 15 years. It is this network that provides the foundation for the conference. Over the last five years New York Private Equity Forums’ highly-focused symposiums have provided a remarkably efficient venue for promising companies to reach qualified potential investors from throughout the United States. In many cases, companies can pay investment bankers up to several hundred thousand dollars in front-end fees and monthly retainers to gain credible access to these types of firms. Companies presenting at this investor-only forum gain the same entrée at only a small fraction of that cost, notwiths! tanding the inherent efficiency of the symposium.

Because this event draws from all over the country, it’s a most cost-effective way for Presenters to meet investors from outside of their particular regions. You should also be aware that the majority of guests are the partners, founders and managing directors of their respective firms; affording the featured companies a chance to reach senior people from the outset. As New York Private Equity Forums is not primarily vendor-supported, their forums are one of the rare events of their kind that are not highly populated by non-investors. Also, unlike many other conferences, the number of entrepreneurs presenting is limited to just 12 to 15 qualified companies. The management of presenting companies benefit from being able to get their story across to highly qualified and receptive audience in a very favorable upscale setting.
If raising capital is the primary obstacle that stands in the way of moving your company forward, you should seriously consider the targeted visibility that you can get at the March forum. Unfortunately, the reality is that most professional investors will not even consider deals where they do not personally know management or those which have not referred by a reliable source. The investor-only venues organized by New York Private Equity Forums significantly help to remove these barriers to management’s power to reach qualified investors. Private Equity 2006 can provide the third-party endorsement and credibility, which is so critical for getting funded in today’s market. In order to be showcased at the March event, companies must meet certain qualifications, as indicated below, and are required to pay a Presenter Fee. I am very respectful of the fact that for most early-stage companies what money is available must be used very wisely to say the least. Spending money to raise money is always a difficult decision; and presenting at this event is “not inexpensive” in absolute dollar terms, but should work-out to less than $100 per investor attending. Also note that we make a limited number of seats available to entrepreneurs on a more affordable basis who simply wish to attend as Registered Guests and take advantage of the opportunity to network with investors. In this market, an early-stage company is destined to spend thousands of dollars in travel, staff time, investment banker retainers and due diligence fees, unless management has personal contacts who can fund the company. This is the reason so many entrepreneurs choose to present at thes! e forums; because on balance, the costs to present or attend, if not more, will be spent anyway. Why not spend it in a manner that is most efficient, that can result in a timely funding of the company. Please note that there are no Application Fees or forms to fill-out. With respect to the Presenter qualifications, we favor companies with reasonable proof of concept and some revenues, which project at least $1 million in sales for ’06 – assuming adequate funding. In any case, revenues forecast by the third year following funding should approach $15 to $25 million. We will also consider pre-revenue development-stage companies with new platform technology. Preferred industry sectors are Information Management Systems, Enterprise Software, Computer Technology, Wireless Technology, Telecommunications, Energy Technology, Network Hardware and Software, Healthcare Services, Education & Training, Medical Devices, Manufacturing Technology, New Media and Publishing, Internet-Based Business Solutions, Life Sciences, Distance Learning, Financial Services, Consumer Marketing, Specialty Retail, Outsourced Business Services and Supply Chain Management. Other sectors may also be considered with sufficient growth potential
In order to make the event as transparent as possible to potential Presenters, New York Private Equity Forums provides confirmed guest information in advance when it is available. In evaluating the value of this event as a platform to showcase a company, I encourage entrepreneurs to look at the websites of the investment organizations listed on the event website, as the sites provide detailed information on their portfolio companies, industry preferences, funding capabilities and other investment criteria. For more information about the conference, just go online to
The following comments from presenting companies at earlier forums, offer a good insight as to the quality and the potential value of the upcoming March forum. Specific citations and references are available upon request.
“This is just a short note to let you know that we consider ourselves fortunate to have participated in Private Equity 2005 Forum and believe the cost of admission was well worth it. We are quite pleased with the way the Forum was so professionally conducted and the quality of both the venture capital firms and presenting companies. We were approached by several companies (10-12) who are interested in our equity raise and have requested our follow-up. We will vigorously follow-up with these leads and any referrals or other companies with whom you suggest we follow-up. We look forward to receiving you list of participants and, of course, we will follow-up with many of those contacts. Please feel free to use us as a reference to help generate participants for your future forums. I will give you feedback on how our numbers shake out once we have completed discussions with all interested parties. We anticipate consummating a capital funding agreement with one of the “intereste! d” VC firms. Time will tell. Let’s stay in touch. Give our best to Laura, Mike and your other staff members who participated.”
“Congratulations on a job well done with the Private Equity XI Forum! I will follow up with you on our progress with potential investors that we met at the event.”
“I just wanted to let you know how thrilled both the company and I are with the tremendous results from your conference. Every detail was planned to perfection. The location and venue were outstanding. The format worked very well in terms of facilitating discussions between potential investors and the presenting companies. The results far exceeded my most optimistic expectations. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team on a personal and professional level…..”
“We are still in shock about the response that we received about DataCall. I can’t tell you how much that all of us appreciate Starlight Capital. I will be in constant communication with you regarding these leads. The following companies are requesting immediate information from DataCall Technologies.”
“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the top notch event that you organized at the Yale Club recently. As a featured presenter, I was given a unique opportunity to present our Company and its investment potential before a distinguished group of high quality investors. Nowadays, acquiring this kind of exposure would entail six months of plodding phone work or the hiring of a trained executive at a six figure salary, all with no guarantee of success. Already, our company, Multimedia has been successful in obtaining some preliminary funding commitments as a result of presenting ….. Furthermore, we are in advanced discussions with several other quality investors that we spoke with at your conference. It is rare in our day and age that results exceed promises made in solicitations, but your conference certainly qualifies as an exception….. Please accept our best wishes and our sincere appreciation for having given us this opportunity.”
If you are interested in being featured on the program, please call Mike Segal, the organizer of the event, at 718 388 6229 and tell him that I suggested that you contact him. You can familiarize him about your company and its funding requirements. He will let you know whether or not it would be a good fit for the conference, as well as discuss with you the visibility options and related fees. Thank you for not sending me an e-mail me with questions about the event, fees, etc., as a brief conversation with Mike can save a great deal of time on e-mail exchanges and will give him the opportunity to respond to questions in the context of your company. You’re certainly welcome to send your Executive Summary to him at and he will get back to you directly. More information about the conference and Presenter Qualifications can be found online at As there are only a few of the 15 presenter slots available, kindly get in touch with ! Mike Segal as soon as possible.
Please keep in mind that this event distinguishes itself from many other venues in several key respects. Here are a few of them.
1) Nearly 100% of the guests (not connected with the presenting companies) are active investors who have PAID to attend.
2) Presenting companies reach a national audience of qualified funding sources focusing on early-stage opportunities.
3) Only 12 to 15 companies are featured on the program which provides for high visibility to investors.
4) There are no concurrent activities or competing presentations. All companies present to the entire audience.
5) Companies are never more than 10 to 20 minutes from their breakout sessions after they present.
6) These are “deal-oriented” events. There are no panels or other distractions from putting the spotlight on the presenters.
7) The majority of the attendees are principals of the private equity or venture capital firms whom they represent.
8) Presenters can plan for the forums in advance as we provide confirmed guest information prior to the conference dates. I sincerely believe that if a company’s potential is truly compelling, and that management’s vision can be effectively communicated, it will not find a more cost-effective way to reach potential funding sources directly, than by presenting at upcoming event. Again, this is a unique opportunity to get your message across in “one place and in one day” to active serious investors who want to see fundable deals. In the event that you would not like to receive any further information or updates on upcoming conferences, please let us know by return e-mail and your name will be promptly deleted from our distribution list. In this regard, please provide us with any other e-mail addresses that you use to ensure that you receive no further invitations or communications from our office. Kindest Regards, Alan Brody
Emerging Growth & Venture Forum
This is an Exclusive Invitation-Only Event. Reservations are Required Conference Includes Banquet Luncheon and Gala Evening Reception
Yale Club New York
11am to 7:30pm, Thursday, March 30th
Introducing America’s Next Generation
of Entrepreneurship and Technology
To Register Now, Please Call 800 847 6124
or RSVP by E-mail to
Private Equity 2006 is the next our highly-successful series first of exclusive invitation-only events designed to assemble select business visionaries, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investment professionals, and money managers. In addition to presenting “one-of-a-kind” private investment opportunities, these prestigious events at the Yale Club New York, now beginning their sixth year, are designed to be an ideal setting for new business development, exchange of ideas, creation of deal flow, location of capital sources and ultra high-end networking. More information about the conference can be found at
We expect this to be one of our best events ever with principals from more than 150 top private equity and venture firms attending from throughout the United States and several other countries. In keeping with our tradition, the upcoming event will be extremely relevant for private equity investors who are seeking to commit capital and to locate new financial partners. A new slate of early and later-stage companies will be featured on the program, all of which will have been professionally screened from several hundred presenter candidates. The companies being introduced at the event will have all been chosen on the basis that they are “fundable” and represent serious investment opportunities. These companies are drawn from our extensive national network, which allows us to showcase companies that our guests are not likely to see anywhere else. If you are actively investing, you should find this to be a very worthwhile event. We estimate that more than $200 million has gone ! to our past Presenters over the last few years.
Guests at the Forum will see up to fifteen early, later-stage and emerging growth investment opportunities. These companies, featuring new breakthrough technologies and innovative business models, have been evaluated to address the “common sense” criteria of value, scalability, proof of concept, proprietary edge, competitive advantage and potential for success applied venture capitalists, investment partnerships, private equity funds, and Small Business Investment Corporations.
The majority of the companies that are featured at our events are nominated and/or have been funded by well-regarded investment groups. These firms have included Bear Stearns (Constellation Partners), J P Morgan, CitiGroup Investments, Grosvenor Funds, Core Capital, Blue Rock Capital, Sienna Ventures, CIT Venture Capital, Sunrise Capital Partners, Davis Tuttle, Fusion Capital, Nokia Ventures, MDT Advisors, Marathon Capital, IDP Investments, Davenport Capital Ventures and many others. If you or your firm is actively looking at new investments, you should definitely plan to attend. Several hundred early and later-stage opportunities are considered before we select the companies that present at the symposium. We know how difficult it is today’s market to find truly fundable deals with scaleable business models and proven traction in their market. In fact, this is why so many and partners of leading venture capital and private equity firms from throughout the US and overseas attend our events. They have found our forums to be a valuable use of their time in seeking-out potentially profitable investments.
These events also offer a perfect venue to meet prospective financial partners among the 200+ investment professionals who are expected to attend. Now could be “right time” to start focusing your next portfolio investments while valuations still make sense and most new equity dollars remain on the sidelines. This Forum will be a unique opportunity for you to meet other senior partners, managing directors, and chief investment officers from some of the nation’s most successful private equity and venture capital firms.
We have again planned a fast-moving day that will start with a banquet-style luncheon at noon and concludes with a gala reception where you will enjoy live jazz, fine wines and hors d’oeuvres. The day’s program will include a number of compelling guest speakers, as well as corporate presentations and several breakout sessions with featured companies. You will also have another opportunity to take part in our popular Guest Drawing, which offers qualified conference participants several thousand dollars in Awards that include state-of-art electronic products, computers and gift certificates from leading stores. Prompt Registration is Recommended, as Seating is Limited to approximately 200 Guests. Registration will be Accepted on a First-come, First-served Basis. _____________________________________________
Registration Details
Standard Registration: $1,275 per Attendee
Registration after February 28th: $975 per Attendee
Advance Registration: $675 per Attendee
Entrepreneur Guest Registration: $1,475 per Attendee
Includes Making Executive Summaries Available
and Introduction of Company and Principals at Luncheon
A Unique Forum Bringing Together the Best in Business Innovation,
New Technology, Entrepreneurship and Capital Resources
Our New York Private Equity Forums provide a highly effective venue for both early and later-stage investors to discover what may be the next “Big Thing” or new business success. Participants have a first-hand opportunity to evaluate dynamic, next generation companies and meet their management. Those companies chosen to present at Private Equity 2006 will feature breakthrough technologies and original business models that we believe can “shape the future” of their respective industries. Presenting companies are required to substantially meet all of the following criteria:
· Large Potential Market: $500 million+ potential market worldwide. $15 to $25 million forecast sales within 36 months.
· High Anticipated Growth Rate: Projected annual sales growth of 25% or more.
· Experienced Management Team: Key managers who have done it before, especially with a related business.
· Sustainable Competitive Advantage: A distinct advantage compared to the competition.
· Barriers to Entry: Economic means to discourage or beat competition in the field. e.g., proprietary technology or business method, patent, trade secret, number of years ahead of the competition.
· Clear Strategy for Commercialization: A realistic plan to bring product to market.
· Proof of Concept: Ideally, a product or service that clearly fulfills a need, has achieved some level of sales, key strategic partners or solid sales commitments.
· Business Model Anchored in Reality: Management has thoroughly assessed its market, product development costs, on-going operating expenses and overall funding requirements.
Founding Sponsors
Since 1992, the investment banking firm of M. J. Segal Associates has specialized in researching private equity opportunities in both private and emerging growth public companies. M. J. Segal caters primarily to institutional clients, private investment partnerships and professional money managers. Joshua Capital Partners, L P is an affiliate of M. J. Segal, which also participates in private equity transactions originated by the firm. As a founding sponsor of New York Private Equity Forums, M. J. Segal Associates has contributed its resources and expertise in the evaluation of companies that are presenting at the conference. M. J. Segal Associates has become a dependable resource for the institutional private equity investor and represents a source of capital for private companies seeking financing. The focus of the firm’s research is to discover companies with strong management where capital will be a catalyst for success. The Segal group looks for companies that a have pr! oprietary edge in their product, service and/or distribution channel, a broad potential market with reasonable customer acquisition costs, combined with a realistic business model that can achieve future profitability. Starlight Capital Business Forums Starlight Capital partners with small, high-growth technology and energy companies to prepare them for financing and to introduce them to appropriate funding sources. The firm increases the visibility of its clients in the investment community prior to seed-stage or first round venture financing via its popular “Entrepreneurial Speaker Series”. Starlight offers advisory services in corporate strategy, financial modeling, board member selection, and other areas of business plan development. Starlight’s investment banking services performed by its broker-dealer affiliate, Starlight Investments, LLC, help qualified companies complete “best efforts” private placements ranging from $2 million to $20 million. The firm undertakes a complete due diligence investigation and provides assistance to its corporate finance clients in the preparation of offering materials to present to other investment bankers, venture capital firms and its network of angel investors. Starlight’s persisten! ce and personalized service has distinguished it from its competitors and has allowed its client partners to be more successful in their efforts to obtain capital. Founded in 1999 by Bryan Emerson, Starlight Capital is based in Houston and is active throughout the US and Latin America.
“America’s Foremost Venues Showcasing
Early and Later-Stage Opportunities”
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