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Sure blogs provide a new communication tool that can humanize the corporate voice; they have caused a sea change in political coverage and they are helping re-define the definition of journalism. They also are a very effective tool for making money.
Marketers who are still skeptical need to take a look at why search engines love blogs. Good search engine placement translates into more traffic and traffic translates to sales.

  • Blogs have keyword-rich content with outgoing links.
  • They are updated frequently so bloggers have many opportunities to rank if they consistently cover a specific area.
  • If the content is good — and that’s the key, because nothing will happen if it’s not — links to posts will be found in other blogs, surrounded by relevant text, known in search engine parlance as anchor text.
  • An extremely important tool for search optimization is the permalink created with each post in Moveable Type but not in all blog software. If you include keywords in the headline, the unique URL for the page also will contain the keywords, which search engines favor.
    Paul Chaney at Radiant Marketing Group tells marketers who still don’t accept blogs as marketing tools, “GET OVER IT! Go whine to your mama if you must, but you need to deal with the fact times have changed.”
    Well put.