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vacuums.pngMichelle Slatalla makes an interesting point today in a New York Times (sub required) article about vacuum cleaners.
She searched and “only to find that both had become useless domain name parking sites full of automatically generated ads relevant to the word “vacuum.”
What happened? Put “vacuum” into Yahoo! and it produces 47 million results. You’ll get 74 million results in Google. Coming up in the top of those searches consistently is expensive. Keyword advertising is over-saturated, expensive and tired as an ad medium.
The store owner who’d been smart enough to buy both urls in 1993, gave up and now uses his company’s name instead. He says he still sells a lot of vacuums online.
When only the biggest companies can afford keyword advertising, it will fade into the sunset of outdated marketing tools. And for vacuum cleaner sellers, that has already happened.