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You know what I hate about customer service and tech suport for the new HP IPAQ 2755 Pocket Computer I bought?
It’s not that I can’t get the wireless HP Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard to work. Or that nobody there has the faintest clue how to get the defective HP keyboard to work. Or that they have already had to replace the screen on the HP IPAQ 2755 Pocket Computer, which seems to be a lemon. Or that I have had to call customer service no less than 10 times in the few weeks I own the damn thing.
It’s that today, the tech support guy kept calling me “Sir.”
UPDATE: This is incredible. HP has now determined that the wireless, foldable keyboard is defective and they are going to replace it. “So,” I ask, “when I get the new one how do I send the old one back?” And you know what they said? “Good news,” the tech support guy said. “You don’t need to return it. It is disposable.” Talk about industrial waste. Not to mention the fact that I paid $129.99 for this defective HP Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard.
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