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starbucks_gossip.jpgNational Journal says “Many Americans apparently wouldn’t mind if the old-line news outlets — daily papers, network newscasts — went right down the tubes.”
That’s because they just don’t get the details right to create customer evangelists like the ones who keep Apple and Starbucks going. “Just as coffee isn’t just a hot drink anymore, the news isn’t just a bunch of facts strung together on deadline. Both are experiences.”
“…journalism isn’t music — but they’re both media experiences, and there’s no good reason why one has to be brilliant and the other clunky.
Or that one should thrive while the other withers away.”

Romanesko “Runs” Starbucks Blog!
The surprise in the story, journalist Jim Romenesko runs the Starbucks Gossip blog when he’s not wearing his Poynter hat. Who’d have thunk it?