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nokia-war.pngA mere few weeks ago, customers wrote love songs and made videos about why they loved their iPhones. All was well in Apple-land. But that all went to hell in a hand-basket when Steve Jobs declared war on customers.
In case you haven’t heard by now, a lot of Apple customers are none too happy with Jobs right now. First Apple drops the price of the iPhone by $200 just weeks after devoted geeks waited in line for days to pay $600 (go figure) and be the first to own the new iPhone, which only works with AT&T.
Now Apple’s at war with hackers, who’ve already got a crack for the iPhone update issued a few days ago. So who wins? Probably Nokia.
They’ve already got posters all over town noting that there are no limits on Nokia phones. ( Not that their phones aren’t outrageously expensive, but that’s not the point. Screw “stylish radiance.” Just give me a great phone at a great price.)
Apple’s software update 1.1.1 added some new features, but it’s much more notable for turning unlocked iPhones into expensive paperweights, rendering them useless. OK, you bought an iPhone you agreed to use AT&T, so I don’t feel sorry for you.
But the update also removed any 3rd party applications you might have downloaded, including custom ringtones. This may be legal, and Apple did warn people, but that doesn’t make it right, or decent, or smart. It’s simply malicious.

Hackers have already figured out how to downgrade the phone to version 1.02 to restore the use of third party apps. HOWEVER, you still won’t be able to use it as a PHONE. (Gizmodo has the video on how to unbrick the phone here Who needs this aggravation?

As Gizmodo notes – Apple’s outright refusal to work with partners, is believed by some, to be a big part of why Apple lost the Big OS War back in the 70s and 80s. So why make the same mistake twice?

Need more reasons not to buy an iPhone?
o After being forced to switch to AT&T, the biggest one of all is that you can’t replace the battery like you can in every other cell phone on the planet.
o It has no camera or video
o You can’t use a bluetooth headset with it.
o What are your reasons?
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