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It’s easy to find examples of bad service, shoddy products, and customer dis-service. But sometimes, companies that provide great customer service get lost in the shuffle. So I’m going to try to find one example every week of exemplary service and outstanding products. This week’s example is MarketingSherpa, publisher of marketing case studies and seller of a variety of marketing and technology reports.
Shopping Cart Took the Money and Ran
With so much to read, I sometimes don’t get to read Marketing Sherpa’s newsletters until after the 10 day period when the material is free. So sometimes I end up paying for the articles and case studies. Last week, I ordered $40 worth of articles.
But the shopping cart froze after it took my money and before it let me download the articles. Anyone who deals with shopping carts knows they all suck, and theirs is no exception (although they plan to launch a proprietary one soon.)
Losing Money, Gaining Loyalty
I called the next morning and was immediately sent the link. That’s to be expected. Unexpected was getting all four articles printed out and sent to me via snail mail. Now that’s service.
You know they lost money on the deal. But they solidified a relationship with a customer who’ll sing Marketing Sherpa’s praises to a few thousand other potential customers.
Do you have an example of great customer service? Please share it with me.