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Shit. I need a root canal. No fun. But at least I learned something from my dentist about marketing.
The dentist doesn’t do the root canal, he just tells you that you need to see an endodontist to get it done and he recommends one. (You can bet he gets a referral fee, but that’s just normal business practice.)
Ok, I trust my dentist so I’ll go see the guy he recommends. “What will this cost?” I ask. Usually, he says, it would be around $1,300. (Gulp) “But this is a diffcult one and if it is done right you won’t need to cap the tooth afterward.” Therefore, he says, I need a senior kind of a specialist. And, that, of course, will cost more.
No apologies. No, “well, everyone hates to talk about money, so let’s get this part over with.” No “maybe he can compromise on the price.” No hesitation at all about naming the cost. Just “this guy is the best and you need to pay his price for your own good.” And so I made the appointment. Oh joy.