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By B.L. Ochman

RCN needs to get its act together

I’ve had three different RCN service people in my house in the last 10 days. Unfortunately, I still have unreliable RCN connectivity in my internet and TV reception, which, frankly, suck.

The boxes and wires have been replaced. I’m paying for high speed Internet at 330 mbps. That means I should have lightening-fast Internet speed. And I do – except that it cuts out for a few seconds at a time at least 5 times in every 30 minutes.

Since I create videos for Beyond Social Media Show and for a variety of clients, this is a serious problem.

Dear RCN: The Internet is a utility. It has to work, reliably, all the time. Your website says “RCN is optimized to deliver streaming video.”
Except when it doesn’t.

Examples of RCN Connectivity Issues

Here’s a one-minute video segment demonstrating the RCN connectivity issue tonight. Notice how fuzzy my video is in the first few seconds.

Beyond Social Media Show 153: Take a look at the video from this episode. My sound and/or image cut out 5 times in 30 minutes.

Beyond Social Media Show 154 : you can see my image fuzz up and hear my sound cut out at least 10 times in 30 minutes.

Clearly, at this point, the boxes and wires in my apartment are not the issue. The issue apparenly is in the building wiring – and nobody at RCN wants to deal with getting that fixed.

Has RCN offered to deduct this period of terrible service from my next bill? No way! They clearly expect me to pay for service that isn’t working.