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firehouse.pngWell whaddya know! Chrysler’s “Firehouse” blog sent me press credentials today. That wouldn’t be a big deal, except a year or so ago Chrysler got into the very bad graces of some very major bloggers by refusing to acknowledge bloggers as press.
Chrysler PR chief Jason Vines is still one of the Firehouse writers. He’s best remembered for calling Steve Hall of adrants, which is arguably the most influential advertising publication in the world, a “cowardly anonymous poster” for writing about Daimler Chryler’s hairbrained idea to lock bloggers out of the company’s ill-named Firehouse blog. Apparently he hadn’t noticed that Hall signs all his posts.
Anyhow, sales at Chrysler and all the rest of the auto industry are in the toilet, and I guess they figure they could use some friends in the media, even if it’s riff raff like bloggers. I’m happy to accept the invitation, and glad they finally decided not to turn tail.
They’ve been busily blogging, even posting to YouTube and generally trying to be Web 2.0, with Mike Ellis doing a great deal of the writing. Ed Garsten is listed as Editorial Director. They’re trying, too hard, to provide feature material. But at least they’re trying.
Now if they could figure out how to make an SUV that gets 40 miles to the gallon, they’d really have something to brag about.