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Larry Chase goes out on a limb in his annual Web Digest for Marketing by predicting marketing trends for the next decade. Given that podcasting didn’t even exist two years ago, that’s risky at best. Here are the highlights:
2. Feed Marketing Flourishes: As the use of RSS grows quickly, and more consumers buy iPods or MP3 players, these formats will grow in usage. And where there are ears and especially eyeballs, marketers are never too far behind. The podcasts may employ the sponsorship model, or subscription (further off), or simply be done for the coolness factor, customer retention, or PR pop that you’ll get if you do it early enough.
RSS ad units will settle into some format that offers a decent ROI for the advertiser. There are already coupons being fed via RSS. Expect to see more point-to-point syndication feed models as we move forward in time.
5. Reverb Marketing, In Stereo: Smart marketers will synchronize their messaging so the end user hears and sees complementary messages at or near the same time. This will be the new definition of what media planners call “Road Blocking”.
6. Blogs Go Multimedia: Blogs are obviously here to stay. Some of the cutting-edge blogs are starting to offer content in audio and even in video. This will not only affect journalism, but it will impact the retail business as well. Imagine a personality-driven QVC blog on your computer screen.
8. Commercial Content, On Demand: Messages from marketers need to be so appealing that the audience actually requests the message. … It doesn’t take a seer to see that the days of “hot air advertising” are so over.