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walmart_women.pngIn an article (sub required) about country singer Danny Griego’s new video for his (dreadful, insipid and insulting) single, “Wal-Mart Girls”, AdAge notes:

“Wal-Mart itself hasn’t had much success with social media. The retailer’s previous efforts have come up short — its aim to build a website to attract teenagers at the Hub, a quasi-social-networking site, shut down just three months after being launched. Another Wal-Mart site introduced this holiday season,, attracted the ire of commercial watchdog groups for its blatant cajoling of children to e-mail adults their holiday wish lists. “

Oddly enough, YouTube lists 48 videos shot in or about Wal-mart. And Playboy has “See the hot girls from Wal Mart nude and watch out for falling panties.”
I imagine that these videos are keeping plenty of Wal-mart and YouTube lawyers gainfully employed.