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Broussard.jpgHere are two viral videos that sprang from Hurricane Katrina. The first is a news clip that is spreading virally because it is the absolute essence of the human story of Katrina. Screw everything else. This is the real skinny on what happened.
It’s the heartbreaking “Waiting for the Cavalry” video of the Meet The Press appearance of Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard where tearfully recalls the wait for federal help. “For God’s sake,” he pleads, “Shut up and send us somebody.”
The second one, diametrically opposite, is a showcase for the studio that made the video and makes you watch an ad before you see it. Tocci Online’s “We Can’t Afford Our Gasoline” which looks for the humor in the gas crisis. The lyrics include:
We can’t afford our gasoline.
The prices have become obscene.
You’ll get screwed at the pump, so bring your vaseline.
We can’t afford our gasoline.